1998 Kershaw 46-6 Snow Fighter

Serial Number: 46-412-98

FCM Rail, Ltd. - Kershaw 46-6 Snow Fighter
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Equipment Features

PLOW AUGER BROOM WINGS STEP DECK John Deere Engine Model 6081A w/250 hp
Non-Insulated Wheel and Axle Assembly Air Conditioning, Heater and Pressurization Unit
Clasp Brakes with Corbra Shoes Powershift Transmission
Heavey Duty U172 (or equal) Axiles Tinted Saftey Glass Windows
Two Man Cab Insulated, w/Manual Controls Extra Floor Heater
One Pass Plow 13' -0" Snow Wings w/Manual Controls
Z3-10-2 Snow Switch Cleaner Turntable
Engine Block Heater Ether Injection (Cold Start Aid)
Hydraulic Tank Heater Fuel Tank Heater
36" Ballast Wings Ballest Deflector for Snow Switch Cleaner
Housing Wear Kit (Snow Switch Cleaner) V-Snow Plow
Air Dryer Model 27-9-1 Broom w/Dust Collector Sys
Engine Model: 601AF001 s/n RG6081A017362
Dimensions: 10' 8 1/2" Witdth 34' 6" length
11' 8" height Air Cylinder
Rail Sweep