Leasing Just Makes More Sense Than Buying

In a dynamic business environment leasing gives you more flexibility, it helps you keep up with equipment technological advancements, and may even offer significant tax advantages.

The financial Advantages:
  • 100% financing
  • Lower payments than other types of financing
  • Allows for more flexible cash budgeting
  • Off balance sheet financing conserves existing credit
  • Monthly payments are fixed and thus protected from inflation
  • Provides positive cash flow with sale/lease-back programs
The technological advantages:
  • You specify manufacturer, model and options
  • New equipment is covered by manufacturer's warranties
  • No worries about owning outdated equipment
  • Flexible options at lease end. Purchase it, refinance it, or return it... you decide
The Advantages of Leasing Through FCM Rail

FCM Rail, the largest Lessor of Maintenance of Way equipment in North America, is a full-service leasing firm offering a host of programs and services specifically tailored to meet your exact financial needs. We are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of service while remaining competitive in today's market.

FCM Rail knows railroad operations and the equipment involved, including:
  • MOW machinery
  • Motive power
  • Intermodal lifting equipment
  • Earth moving machinery
  • Shop equipment

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